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Kloudz Computing's IT team guides organizations in implementing technology to gain competitive advantage and business growth. Our team collaborates with the client to design transformational strategies for them and assists them to achieve measurable business benefits. Kloudz Computing helps you drive business growth through:


  • IT Consulting

  • Solution Consulting

IT Consulting

Kloudz Computing’s  IT  team helps organizations gain a better understanding of the disruptive technologies, and implementation of those technologies to gain competitive advantage. Our expertise lies in creating an IT strategy for your organization ensuring the digital transformation of the company, improve upon the digital customer experience and ensure data security as well. As your IT consultant, we help you define, design and execute strategies that help you reduce revenue loss while creating new revenue streams. Our consulting team considers transformation initiatives in the context of cloud, data, mobility, automation, controlled automation etc to effectively harness the power of digital. Our deployment strategy follows a flexible delivery model to fit your unique needs.

By choosing and implementing the right business-supporting technologies, Kloudz Computing enables enterprises to go beyond automating the manual or traditional methods and processes and eventually help you transform your business models. Regardless of your digital maturity, we help you leverage the application of technology to your business most profitably and thereby improve the experience of not only your customers but your employees as well.

Solution Consulting

The rise of a problem situation in any business environment generates the need of IT implementation to address the problem situation. In this respect, solution consulting plays a vital role, because the decision to re-engineer an existing solution or to develop a new solution addressing the problem has to be suggested. Our expertise lies in developing custom-made solutions, keeping in mind the problem situation along with the application of latest technology. Application of innovative strategies should allow flexibility and scalability to the solution. Our focus lies in the continuous improvement of the processes.